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We know it's tough nowadays to keep track of all the sites you need and passwords to remember. To make things easier, we developed this page as a convenient spot where TIM clients can go, in case they misplaced that important website access information. Below you will find links to your company’s retirement plan, if you are still working, access to your 401k rollover, if you are currently retired or have any outside accounts away from your company plan that we currently manage. We've also included links to the financial planning program for clients who have a working financial plan, and the Weekly Wrap-Up, so you can follow along with the market action each week as we communicate our thoughts on the current market environment.

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Below you will find links to your company’s retirement plan if you're still working and access to your 401k rollover if you're currently retired or have any additional accounts outside your company that we manage.

Your Financial Plan

For clients who have gone through the financial planning process, here’s a quick link so you can access your plan whenever and wherever you want. Remember: we give TIM financial planning clients access to the program so you can make changes or build alternate scenarios to your plan if you choose. Additionally, since your plan resides on a protected server, you can easily access the plan without the need for tons of paper. As part of the Premier program, “financial physicals” will be performed at least annually with your CFP.

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Weekly Market Update

Would you like a more in-depth look at the markets? TIM’S Weekly Market Update provides a recap of the trading week and walks you through graphs and charts to illustrate market activity in an easy-to-understand, conversational manner. This webcast will give you a good grasp of financial events that have shaped the week and keep you in the loop on what we’re doing with your money. It’s great to see visuals with commentary, rather than just blindly trusting opinions in the media. Clients tell us this is a valuable educational tool and makes them feel more confident about investing—and you might be able to teach your friends a thing or two at your next dinner party!

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