“I’ve been in your shoes. I spent 22 years as a pilot. Now I make it my goal to help airline pros like you enjoy a better quality of life during retirement and the time leading up to it.” John E. Foster II
Founder & Chairman

Our Mission

The mission of TIM is to be the leading investment advisory firm for aviation professionals. We want to grow in a methodical way where each client gets the superior, personalized service they expect and plan to stop taking new clients when we feel our existing clients might suffer if we continue adding new ones. We believe a team approach works best when dealing with people’s finances and have a deep bench to get questions answered. Unlike most advisors, we believe that all hardworking people (the “average Joe,” blue collar workers—not just the super wealthy) deserve access to exceptional service, money management and technology when dealing with their retirement. Our client base can live a comfortable retirement, but there is no room for error so expert financial management is crucial. Therefore, we have a serious responsibility to these hardworking people. We look at our role like that of a fire fighter, police or knight. We are protecting and looking out for clients to safeguard what they’ve worked so hard to accumulate over their lifetime. We take great pride in what we do and the responsibility is monumental. We are always trying to improve.

Company History

Total Investment Management, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor founded in 1991 by former military and commercial pilots John E. Foster II and James Hughes under the original name, HFG Asset Allocation Service. The name was later changed in 1998 to Total Investment Management, Inc. (TIM) to better reflect the growing services we were providing to aviation professionals. Since 1998, the firm has evolved into a full service financial advisory firm. In 2008, TIM decided to become a true fiduciary of clients’ assets by becoming a nationally registered investment advisor. We believe the RIA structure is the most transparent way for an investor to work with a financial advisor. This is because registered investment advisors are held to a fiduciary standard and collect their revenue based mainly on fees and not commissions.

We are not trying to be all things to all people. We concentrate our efforts on the airline industry. We do not have or plan to have multiple offices around the country with a big sales team. We believe in a competent manageable team of people to help our clients. TIM is continually reviewing processes, technology, adding value-added services and building a strong team to serve you.

Our Team

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