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As a client of Total Investment Management, you will have access each week to our insights on the latest from the markets to help you stay well-informed.

Two Ways To Obtain Valuable Intel

Written Commentary

Get what you need to know about how major markets like the S&P 500, bonds, and gold performed last week and what to look for next week in a two-minute read of the key points of the webcast. Other topics like Fed policy, world economies, and currencies are frequently covered as well.


Dive deeper into last week’s results, with a technical analysis of the key indicators we use to make our investment recommendations. You’ll see our charts plus industry articles and other information that provide insight on how and why the market is moving.

Actual snippets taken from the January 26, 2018 market update

market trends
Timely information was provided in the weekly written commentary alerting TIM clients to the possibility of “…a sharp and sudden reversal.” We provided a chart of the market to see what happened next.
In the webcast from that week, we expanded on our thoughts from the written commentary and provided nice visuals to see how high the risk was. Click on the play button to watch.

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